Trade marks


Everybody who want to make themselves aware of the most interesting and economically attractive peculiarities of the acting Russian legislation usage in the field of the Trade Marks registration, issues of the right of property transfer on the Trade Mark, disputable matters on this count, criminal and other responsibility for illegible usage of the Trade Marks and other subjects оf industrial property will be able to get explanations of competent specialist.

Besides, the consulting assistance in the field of the Trade Marks practical usage is rendered:

— as an element able to have advertizing and protecting functions;

— on the matters of the Trade Mark market value evaluation, contributing of the Trade Mark to the Chartered Capital of the companies;

— on the issues of economic efficiency of the Trade Mark usage.

According to the client’s wish the analysis and giving of the conclusion can be provided on the subject of the prospecting registration in the Patent department offered as the Trade Mark or the name of the place of the product origin, draft, emblem, mascot, wording name or other symbol of your organization.

The search for identity and similarity and checking of your Trade Mark with the other Trade Marks which have already been registered are also accomplished.
Registration of the Trade Marks and signs of service in the Russian Patent department.
Drawing up and registration of the bargains with the Trade Marks and names of the places of the products origin.

Agreements concerning cession of the Trade Mark.

License agreements and agreements on commercial concession.

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