The third sector

Practical aid and advice in legal matters on creation, activity and tax incentives for sportive, educational, religious and other public associations and non-commercial organizations.

Creation of NCO (non-commercial organizations).

Units of non-commercial organizations.

Rights of ownership and responsibility of the founders (participants) in regard of NCOs.

Characteristics of an NCO.

Tax incentives for NCO and investors’ commercial organizations.

State registration.

Public associations except of trade unions are to be registered in order provided with the Law about Public Associations.

In correspondence with this law the registration of the public association is to be accomplished:

— All-Russian and international public associations — by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

— Interregional public associations — by the bodies of justice at the places of accommodation of the constantly acting units of the public associations.

— Regional and local public associations — by the bodies of justice of the relevant subject of the Russian Federation