European Court communicated the complaint Kurashov v. Russia.


I, an attorney Nabokov V.V. on March 10, 2016 received by the mail of Russia the notification from the Strasbourg Court that the Chairman of the Third Section of the ECHR Luis López Guerra, Spain, whom the complaint   Kurashov v. Russia was given for consideration, decided to inform the Government of the Russian Federation about part of this complaint.
The first of all the matter is that the European Court on Human Rights considers that the violation of the point d, paragraph 3, article 6 of the Convention of protection of human rights and basic freedoms makes impossible for the applicant and his attorney to examine in the Court the witness whose testimonial evidence were the proof in the conclusion to indict.
The State - defendant before the Court was proposed to inform about its position on the matter of settlement agreement on this case and to present possible considerations in this respect before 24.03.2016. If the State proposes in details, the applicant will be offered to give his comments in this regard. If the parties in the proceedings do not achieve an agreement on amicable settlement of the dispute, the State - defendant will be given the term till 19.05.2016 to present, if desired, their counter-pleas.
Alexander Kurashov denied that he had caused any bodily damage to the complainant Sergey E. Both in the course of judicial scrutiny and in the session of the court Alexander Kurashov pleaded:
«During our impermanent acquaintance with the complainant Sergey E... I did not cause him any bodily damage and therefore I do not admit myself guilty in the murder of Sergey E..., my rightness is confirmed with the fact that nobody of the witnesses neither in the Court, nor in the course of judicial scrutiny said that they had seen that it was me, and namely during my being on the complainant's lot of the ground hit him, the complainant Sergey E,, with the axe. Apart of mentioned above I would like to underline that the judicial scrutiny and the court have established that on the territory of the premises at that time simultaneously were present 5 people: Sergey Е.., his grandmother А.P.Е., citizen of the Republic of Tajikistan D. F.H, Е. А.А. and I, Kurashov А.А.».
Nevertheless, the Russian courts found Alexander Kurashov guilty in committing of the murder. This criminal trial became a resonant one after   the video plot shot by the television company NTV going on the air.
The article was written and the video film was shot about this resonant criminal trial by the media Internet portal "Advocates' structures of Moscow Region" (, which is placed on the address:


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