Land Disputes

Extraordinary consulting and practical attorney’s help on the problems of registration of rights on the lots of land, land disputes and real estate disputes.

Prosecution of land cases, attorney’s representation and help in the courts of Moscow region and the city of Moscow on:

— the succession, usage fact-finding and admittance of the right of ownership on the lots of land (land disputes, registration of rights of property);

— the right of ownership on lots of land, precedence and establishment of the lots of land’s borders, obtaining of cadastral plans, registration of the transactions on the transfer of the right of property on the lots of land (land disputes);

— assistance in solution of the land disputes of higher complexity in the courts, particularly regarding the admittance of cadastral plans, acts of precedence, establishment of the servitudes, restoration of the lots of land’s borders, demarcation of the lots of land’s borders in nature’s invalidity. Certified cadastral engineers and an expert organization having big experience of the land disputes of higher complexity take part in the solution of the land problems;

— preparation of the contracts of lease, sub-demise, buy-and-sell of non-living premises, a building, a lot of ground;

— expertise of the presented contracts of lease, sub-demise, buy-and-sell of non-living premises, a building;

— obtaining of Moscow BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory);

— state registration of the contracts of lease, sub-demise of a building and premises;

— state registration of rights on the base of the contracts of buy and sell contracts, contracts of exchange and satisfaction agreements ;

— state registration of the rights on non-living premises and buildings when they are included in the chartered capital;

— state registration of the right on non-living building and premises on the base of the privatization plan;

— state registration of the right on the buildings redeemed from the city;

— state registration of the right on the property after architectural replanning;

— including of the alterations in the USRE (United State Register of Entrepreneurs).