Civil law disputes

Aid and advice in civil legal matters: inheritance, real estate, land matters, ascertainment of legal facts. Prosecution of civil cases, representation in the courts of Moscow region and the city of Moscow.

Prosecution of cases in arbitration courts.

Prosecution of cases in trial courts of general jurisdiction and magistrate courts in Moscow region:

— about admission of the right of property;

— about non-performance or improper performance of the contracts;

— about recovery of compensation for harm (including the one caused in road traffic accidents);

— about admission of guilt in road traffic accidents and compensation of harm caused by the guilty persons;

— about consumers rights’ protection;

— about recovery of compensation for moral injury;

— about occupancy into living premises and banishment from them;

— about inheritance;

— about dissolution of marriage;

— about admission of the marriage invalid;

— about division of possessions between the spouses;

— about deprivation of paternal rights;

— about taking an appeal of actions of state bodies and civil servants;

— about other types of cases.

Aid and advice in solution of land disputes in the courts of Moscow region (regarding rights of ownership for lots of land, obtaining of the cadastral plans, registration of the transactions on the transfer of the right of property on the lots of land (civil disputes).

Preparation of the buy-and-sell and other contracts in the market of real estate from the point of view of their clean title (analysis of the documents on the particular object of real estate including its legal and technical history, proper preliminary evaluation of the purchasing objects). Solution of the problems on registration in country (dacha) houses of gardeners’ partnerships.