European court

European Court on Human Rights in.

Advice of the expert on court procedure in on Human Rights:

— Main principles of Strasbourg system of law;

— Determination of which cases of your rights violation by the Government in person of any of its bodies (court, police, tax bodies etc.) can be considered by the European (Strasbourg) Court and which cannot;

— Legal aid while lodging complaints and appeals to European (Strasbourg) Court , writing of complaints, help in collecting documents attached to the complaints, composition of the set of documents addressed to European (Strasbourg) Court ;

— Conduct of correspondence with European Court on all the stages of the court proceedings;

— Exit to Strasbourg Court and participation in cessions of the court at European (Strasbourg) Court;

Additional aid in matters of interaction with the European Court, State and Government on all the stages of the court proceedings in the European Court.

Complaint and appeal to the European Court.